600 Meters Control Distance



DSSS* and FHSS* hybrid spread spectrum, 16 channels pseudo-random frequency hopping, and QPSK* modulation ensures excellent anti-interference performance, highly constant, and stable transmission signal present on all 10 channels of R6DS.

600 meters (0.37 Miles) * range enables all possible RC fun.

* Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum transmissions multiply the data by a "noise" signal. This noise signal is a pseudorandom sequence of 1 and -1 at a frequency higher than that of the original signal.

* Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum offers three main advantages: signals are highly resistant to narrowband interference, are difficult to intercept, and can share a frequency band with many types of conventional transmissions with minimal interference.

* Maximum range is tested in an unobstructed area free of interference.

Real-time Telemetry



Real-time telemetry RSSI information allow users to receive crucial information on the model's systems.