Comparison of Byme-A and Byme-D
Contents Byme-A Byme-D
Signal Supported SBUS/PPM
Input Voltage 5-6V
Operating Current 25±2mA
Compatible Models Applicable to various straight wing aircraft including 3D fixed wing(F3P), 4-channel trainer and scale model aircraft. Applicable to all model airplanes with mix elevator/aileron controls including delta wing, paper plane, SU27, F22.
Flight Modes Stabilize Mode, Vertical Mode, Gyro Mode, Acrobat Mode, Manual Mode Stabilize Mode, Gyro Mode, Manual Mode
Channel Connection CH1 connect Aileron Servo, CH2 connect Elevator Servo, CH3 connect Throttle (Powered by ESC BEC), CH4 connect Rudder Servo, CH5 and CH7 for flight modes switch CH1 connect Servo at Left, CH2 connect Servo at Rignt, CH3 connect Throttle (Powered by ESC BEC), CH5 for flight modes switch, and CH7 for Motor Safety Lock