USB Online Upgrade



AT9S Pro is easy to update to the latest firmware with a USB cable and a computer.

Operating Current of 90mA                  DSSS&FHSS                           Multiple Alarms                      Reverse Polarity Protection               Real-Time Telemetry                   3ms Response

Multiple Language                            Mix Control                      TBS Crossfire Compatibility                   10/12 Channels                  SBUS/PPM/PWM/CRSF                  Upgrade with USB

*CRSF is a proprietary TBS communication protocol between the Crossfire and R/C and Flight Control. It provides ultra-low latency with incredible bandwidth (3x faster, 6x more data than any comparable protocol.

CRSF Protocol Supported



Using proprietary communication technology of RadioLink, DSSS and FHSS hybrid spread spectrum, as a foundation, we have added the CRSF* protocol from the TBS.

AT9S Pro is compatible with TBS Crossfire.