Real-time Telemetry of Model Battery Voltage



Telemetry is capable of RSSI, receiver, and model battery voltage.

RSSI and receiver voltage data will display once binding complete.

The model voltage will display by connecting the wire to the ESC, battery, and Telemetry port of receiver R7FG/R8F, no extra module needed.

Telemetry of maximum 8S battery supported.


RC6GS V2 Package List

Transmitter x1

Packing Box x1

User Manual x1

Receiver x1

Model Battery Voltage Telemetry Module Cable x1

Lanyard x1

FPV Head Track Function



RC6GS V2 use with a FPV goggles to control the up, down, left, and right movement of the camera on the RC car to fully enjoy the funny of First-Person View of racing or crawl.

*To support head track function, the RC6GS V2 needs upgrade the firmware to V6.3.2 first, it defaults the channel 5&6 for this function.

Water Splash Proof (IPX4) for Receiver R7FG



A receiver R7FG will packed with RC6GS V2.

The PCB board and pins of R7FG have the same waterproof treatment as the mobile phone, that is, nano-coating technology treatment and the waterproof grade is IPX4.

IPX4: The IP×× rating standard recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Both the V1.2 and V1.3 versions of R7FG have been designed as Water Splash Proof (IPX4).