RadioLink Electronic Limited was founded in 2003.


With nearly 20-year expertise accumulated, RadioLink has become a professional researcher, designer, and manufacturer of RC products including flight controllers, remote controls, racing drones, 3D aerobatics fixed wing, battery chargers, GPS, ultrasonic sensors, etc. Among them, the unique high dynamic algorithm flight controller, which combines Kalman filtering technology and inertial navigation algorithm, is widely used in high-speed autonomous drones, such as the documentary “Amazing Drone Race China” shot by Tencent in 2018 and the movie “WU KONG” shoot by mobile phone Huawei P30 Pro in 2019.


The remote controls with excellent anti-interference performance have been favored by many enterprises such as Xiaomi CyberDog, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, WULING Motor (SGMW), UBTECH, MUYUAN Food, and OceanAlpha. RadioLink transmitters become the main remote-control equipment in the fields of agriculture, industry, security, and education. In 2021, the control system can execute missions programmed automatically, designed for the agricultural vehicles has achieved the ideal operation effect and solve the industry problem of agricultural vehicles will pressing seedlings when changing lines.


In 2006, the ACP400 we designed for HOBBICO one of the industry-leading company at that time, won the American Consumer Reports awards. In 2013, Radiolink succeeded in finishing the strategy transformation from a full set of electronic design solution providers to a professional core electronic equipment researcher, designer, and manufacturer for aircraft models.

Relying on the technical strength of independent research and development, we have achieved manufacturing automation, comprehensive information management of research and development, manufacturing, and marketing.

Formed a comprehensive information management system such as production management ERP, customer relationship management CRM, software management GitLab, production testing ATE, automation software testing systems, etc.


In 2007, we registered trademarks in China, European Union, and the United States.

The RadioLink products are always among the high-unit-priced products best seller list on overseas sales platforms such as Amazon and rank among the mainstream brands of model aircraft drones in Europe and the United States. The remote control occupies the main market of college student electronic and UAV competitions.


RadioLink practices the long-term development concept of people foremost, and has implemented an eight-hour and five-day working system since our establishment. Focus on personal development and the realization of personal value, encourage sharing, and continued to grow steadily since our strategic transformation. Focusing on the UAV field for 20 years, deeply rooted in basic research, keeping technology exploration. Let advanced technology create a better life is RadioLink's increasingly firm belief.

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