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    The optimized software makes flight more stable no matter it's vertical or level with easier opeartions.


    Motor Fixing

    Motor fixed with hot melt adhesive only on fuselage and could be difficult to fix when the temperature is low. Easily drop after multiple crashes .

    Motor installed on the plastice accessory fixed on the fuselage. Easy to replace and won't drop out easily.
    The plastice accessory is half smaller than before which lightens the whole weight and ensures longer flight time.

    Servo Fixing

    Landing Gear

    Flight Controller and Receiver Fixing

    Aileron Fixing

    Servo Drawbar

    Servo fixed by foam glue, making difficult to (un)install, especially when the temperature is low.

    Servo installed with a plastic frame. Only a srewdriver needed to replace, easier for assembly. No more foam glue.

    Made of carbon fiber, fixed on fuselage by foam glue. Not easy to (un)install.

    Made of metal, stronger and won't be damaged easily.
    Can be uninstalled, easy to take outdoor.
    Fixed with small metals and plastice hat on the accessory, making it stable to take off and land.

    Double faced adhesive 

    Nano double faced adhesive, sticky more firmly.

    Foam glue, longer time of assembly especially when it's humid.

    Fixed by white plastic clip, making assembly faster. No more glue needed, convenient for maintainence.

    1.0mm carbon fiber

    1.2mm carbon fiber, more resistant

  • A560 Assembly (First Flight)

    A560 Assembly (Training)

  • Transmitter:


    Flight Controller:



    Ail Servo:

    Tail Servo:





    T8FB/T8S(N/A for Standalone Version)

    R8FM((N/A for Standalone Version))

    RadioLink Byme-A

    SZ-SPEED 2206F 1500KV brushless motor

    FLYCOLOR 15A brushless ESC

    PINGZHENG 4.3G Servo

    EMAX 8G Servo

    GEMFAN 8030 props

    FULLYMAX 7.4V 660mAh LiPo battery

    SKYRC E3 2-3S LiPo charger






    Weight(without battery):

    Compatible Transmitter:

    Vertical Flight Time:

    Control Range:

    Voltage Range:



    2.4GHz ISM band




    All transmitters with with SBUS/PPM signals output

    10 minutes(Level flight 15 minutes)

    2KM(1.24 Miles with RadioLink T8FB/T8S)

    7.4-11.1V(2S-3S LiPo)

  • Standalone

    RTF(with T8S)

    RTF(with T8FB)

    Wing(with clips) x1

    Fuselage x1

    LiPo Battery x1

    Propellers x2

    Box x1

    Box x1

    Wing(with clips) x1

    Fuselage x1

    Fuselage x1

    Wing(with clips) x1

    LiPo Battery x1

    Propellers x2

    Propellers x2

    LiPo Battery x1

    TX T8S x1

    RX R8FM x1

    TX T8FB x1

    RX R8FM x1

    Charger x1

    Charger x1

    Box x1

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    RadioLink Limited Warranty



    RadioLink Electronic Limited warrants this product purchased directly from RadioLink Electronic Limited or from an authorized dealer or distributor shall be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal usage for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase (proof of purchase is required).


    This limited warranty covers product issues caused by defects in material or workmanship during ordinary consumer use. It does not cover product issues caused by any other reason, including but not limited to issues due to commercial use, acts of nature, third-party installation, misuse, limitations of technology or modification of or to any part of the equipment.


    This warranty does not cover products sold as used, as-is or refurbished and does not extend to a secondary purchaser (warranty is not transferrable). The implied warranty of merchantability is limited to the above identified period of time and shall be limited solely to the replacement or repair, at RadioLink’s discretion, of the defective product.


    Always use genuine RadioLink products such as our transmitters, receivers and other electronic equipment.

    RadioLink is not responsible for product damage resulting from the usage of non-genuine components.

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