How to output RSSI value from receiver to FPV


Step 1:Download the latest firmware and upgrade via the below link


Step 2: Enter the setup menu and choose “AUX-CH”

Step 3: Enter and choose the channel you don’t use and change to RSSI. Take CH10 for example

Step 4: When transmitter param. Setup is done, connect your fight controller with your computer.



Step 5: Choose the receiver tab and power on your AT9S. Constantly change the distance between your AT9S and aircraft to check which channel of flight controller is changing greatly. Mine is CH6.

Step 6: After the channel is confirmed, choose AUX6 at the RSSI Channel and save

Step 7. Add the RSSI value on video signal: Choose “OSD Screen added display” on the flight controller interface, turn on ”RSSI Value” and drag it to the place you want and save.