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Created on:2020-04-10 17:47

On Jan. 10, 2020, RadioLink threw a company yearend party, celebrating the achievement have been made in the past year as it’s the effort made by each RadioLink team member.


Everybody was prepared and the banquet hall was well decorated for a memorable celebration. The event was formally opened by RadioLink general manager Mr. Xie Bo with his inspiring speech on summarizing the 2019 and prospecting the coming 2020.















































After the speech, it was the award ceremony. Prizes were given not only to the excellent staffs, who had outstanding performance in the past year, but also to the best distributor and the strategic cooperator, who have contributed a lot to promoting RadioLink products. The company’s links with distributors all around the country was greatly enforced.






























Then the party was kicked off. We had enough dose of entertainment as our dedicated and hard-working staff showed multiple talents. The food was great and the liquor was just right for everybody to feel good and hyped up. Let alone the prize draw interluded in the party reached to the climax again and again.















































The year of 2019 is a productive one to RadioLink. A series of RC products have been launched including remote controller AT9S PRO, T8S(OTG/Bluetooth), flight controller Byme-A, Byme-D, TURBOPIX, 3D fixed wing A560 and others COOL9030, SUI04, R7FG, R8F, R4FGM, I2C boards. Besides the FAI World Drone Racing Championship, of which RadioLink was the cooperation brand, we have also sponsored 21 other competitions over the span of whole year.


In 2020, we are continuing to work harder to surpass what we achieved in the past year. Inspired by our families and with our own personal goals, we continue to end each day with a good feeling that we took care of business. For sure, all this hard work and dedication will pay off.


Excitement was surely felt by everyone especially the lucky winners of the drawn prizes. We left the venue with great joy in our hearts and can’t wait for looking forward to the coming 17th promising year of the RadioLink!



2019 RadioLink Annual Party